Animal Rescue Algarve

Animal Rescue Algarve

The Launch of Animal Rescue Algarve

Press Release : Algarve is about to have one of the biggest animal sanctuaries in Portugal.

Works are underway to build a huge animal rescue centre with a capacity for a total of 600 animals. Leading the project is the newly-formed association Animal Rescue Algarve (ARA) . Centre should be completed in the next 15 months.

There is hardly any good news when the issue concerns abandoned animals in Portugal. But this time it is possible to spread some good news as the Algarve is set to have one of the largest and most modern animal sanctuaries in the country.

The Founder of ARA

Sidney Richardson is the man behind this project and the responsible for providing much of the funding for the rescue centre. He is also the director of Shelsian Lda whos businesses include Montys, Sandbanks, La Creperie, La Terrazza, Deck Bar, Beach Bar, Amore, and Irish Pub Vilamoura.

“During my life, I’ve created a certain amount of wealth from my business which involves insurance, property development, restaurants and bars, which will be shared by members of my family and charity equally,” he said. “About 12 years ago, I rescued an amazing dog that became my best friend and has somehow changed my life. Combining this with the disturbing lack of social response for the problematic of the abandoned dogs in this country, and specially in the Algarve, where the responsibility is put on the small drained associations managed by private people trying to do their best with limited resources, made me realise this is the right path to take. So I decided: instead of leaving a substantial sum of money in my will, why don’t I use it now, while I am alive, and see this project through?”, he explains……Read More